What Our Latest Acquisition Means for You

This week, our board of directors announced the acquisition of New York-based Yale Background Screening. Yale–a highly reputable company with long-standing, multi-year relationships with Fortune-ranked enterprises in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, automotive, and financial services industries–joins S2verify at a time of high growth. 

Prior to the acquisition, S2Verify was named an Inc. 500 Firm (#3 in Human Resources) as one of the fastest-growing U.S. companies–and we’re not slowing down. With the acquisition, S2Verify doubled in size overnight, and the influx of resources will empower us to further amplify that growth. 

“We are now in an even stronger position to deliver on our mission: to help our clients enhance employment and contracting decisions that protect their people, performance, facilities, interests, and reputations,” says S2Verify CEO, Bill Whitford. 

So, what will that look like exactly? Read on to find out what the acquisition means for all S2Verify stakeholders. 

For Customers 

Current S2Verify and Yale customers will benefit from an increasingly higher level of client service, support, and partnership. S2Verify will be able to provide Yale’s client base with faster-than-average 12-24-hour delivery times. All customers–legacy and new–can expect faster response times and better quality from our onshore award-winning support team

For Potential Customers

Whether you’re looking for a background screening solution or considered S2Verify in the past, there’s a lot of “new” to consider. Not only does partnering with S2Verify mean access to the above–record-breaking delivery times, expanded service and partnership, and award-winning customer support–but the additional resources from the acquisition mean that switching to S2Verify is now easier and smoother than ever before. New customers will be greeted with a higher-touch, more personalized experience from start to finish. 

For Investors and Other Stakeholders

With the acquisition, S2Verify doubled its market size and client base overnight–after a 12-year track record of successfully expanding services across industries. That means stronger market positioning, broader industry coverage (across pharmaceuticals, healthcare, automotive, and financial services), and operational expansion. The result: increased revenue and profitability. 

For Employees

Both legacy and new employees can expect better family-centric, work-from-home options–features of a healthy, thriving, growing employment environment. Employees will also get access to more interesting accounts, greater operational stability, and the resources they need to do meaningful work. Additionally, the acquisition opens the door for more career opportunities as the firm continues to expand its operations into new markets. 

To learn more about the acquisition and explore the new S2Verify, click here

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