The #1 Thing to Look For in an Employment Screening Solution

Hiring managers, HR professionals, and recruiters alike are all facing a common dilemma today:

  1. It’s harder than ever before to recruit and hire employees due to tight labor market conditions and changing employee attitudes and behaviors. To engage candidates (and meet the demands of the modern worker), employers across the country are making tweaks to their hiring operations—and that means cutting down on the time it takes to move candidates through the process.
  2. But–it’s also more important than ever before to make the right hire because the cost of turnover is unusually high these days. Hiring a candidate who’s engaged from the start and fully screened to ensure they’re a fit will greatly benefit your business in the long run. Employee retention is top of mind for employers everywhere in this volatile labor market, and, these days, it starts the moment a qualified candidate makes contact. 

So, how do you reconcile these two seemingly conflicting truths? 

How do you move candidates quickly through the process––while still protecting the interests of your business? How can you keep candidates engaged throughout the process while still being thorough? How do you fill open job positions in a labor shortage while solving for long-term retention? 

And, how do you accomplish all of this with limited recruiting, hiring, and HR resources? 

Enter: technology. 

You Can’t Do It Alone 

Today, there are several employment screening technologies, services, and solutions designed to help employers–and their hiring teams–do it all. From background checks and employment verifications to onboarding software and beyond, the pre-employment and hiring toolbox continues to grow. 

These tools help employers build capacity carefully, deliberately, and quickly—and keep up with long-term changes in hiring.  

Solutions, such as the comprehensive employment screening services from S2Verify, automate most of the manual work involved in getting a candidate through the door so HR, hiring managers, and recruiters can focus on what matters: delivering a top-notch candidate experience. 

Mean Business 

What’s more? Adding best-in-class employment screening technology solutions and services to your hiring repertoire will only amplify this positive effect on the candidate experience. 

From the outset, the modern employee is looking for a professional hiring experience: quick, easy, and transparent. 

Partnering with the best employment screening solutions will show candidates you mean business—setting the tone from day one that you are a professional company powered by the best in the industry. 

These tools can help you move more efficiently and provide a higher level of transparency, boosting this positive–and professional–effect. 

You’re Only as Good as Your Team 

  • Move candidates quickly, efficiently, and fairly through the process 
  • Protect your business with powerful pre-employment tools 
  • Improve overall retention  

Check, check, and check. Partnering with best-in-class hiring solutions can help you do it all, but not if they lack the #1 secret ingredient behind every great pre-employment tool: real people. 

We’ve surveyed all of the must-have tech, services, and solutions for improving hiring operations. One thing they all have in common? They’re backed by quality, responsive customer service. 

After all, you can’t provide a top-notch candidate experience when the tools that are supposed to make you better, slow you down. You can’t provide a professional candidate experience if you aren’t powered by professional solutions. 

No matter how much you plan, things go wrong. Things change—that’s just how the world works! The best pre-employment solutions supplement their tools and services with high-caliber customer service, so you can troubleshoot quickly and always make the right hire. 

The Importance of Human Touch 

Making (and keeping) the right hire is more important than ever before in today’s shifting labor landscape, but making the “right” hire is about so much more than job fit. 

It’s about protecting your business, people, and assets (via comprehensive employment screening). It’s about keeping potential employees engaged through the hiring process. It’s about showing your organization in the best light from day one and centering retention practices. 

It’s about all the human things in the hiring process that elude technology—that modern tools can’t replicate. 

But, people can! 

Look for technology partners that promise integrity, industry experience, innovation, and an unparalleled commitment to their clients. Look for solutions backed by a team that cares as much about your business as you do. Find services run by people who understand why quality hiring is so crucial to your business. 

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