We Understand Background Checks In Retail

Screen your job candidates easily—and at high volume.

As an industry with one of the highest employee turnover rates, hiring efficiency is your top priority. And that goes for background checks, too.  

Challenges: On a worldwide basis, your industry employs more people than almost any other sector. You also put up with an exceptionally high turnover rate—and must continuously process very high volumes of new job applications. Seasonally, and often at scale. Sales associates, cashiers, and customer service representatives. Buyers, merchandisers, and advertising managers. Branch and store manager and their assistants. Inventory control specialists and logistics coordinators. Moreover, you rarely have the margins for high pay and career planning – which just increases churn. Those are tough challenges, but we have solved them for other retail entities.

Experience: We are experts at supporting retail companies—in great measure because we know your challenges and have world-class background screening solutions, packages, systems, and capabilities that streamline retail hiring and screening processes. Our retail clients include, for example, malls and supermarkets; department, specialty, and convenience stores; home goods sellers; automobile supply stores; and retail banking and professional services, among many others.

Outcomes: Let us help you establish a rapid, high-volume background check process that gives your HR teams centralized controls and a consistent candidate experience, whether you hire and screen candidates for one branch, division, or business—or hundreds. With comprehensive screening, we can help you reduce your turnover, increase your application-to-hire rate, and establish a healthy pipeline of talent for dozens of retail positions.

Background Checks In the Retail Industry

Background Checks In the Retail Industry

Our approach to background checks for retailers

We also understand the requirement of speed-to-hire in the retail industry. Our SwiftHire mobile recruiting capabilities not only help your hiring managers keep up with their daily tasks but also puts key parts of the application in the candidate’s hand. Our advanced automation workflow lets you quickly get results and apply quality assurance. 

We are accredited by the PBSA for our commitment to excellence in information security, compliance, client education, researcher and data standards, verification, and business practices.

Make your job easier with our services

We provide adjudicators and accuracy while automating the simple, and being hands-on with the complex.

Criminal Background Check

Our National Criminal Database covers 98% of the United States population, with 750+ million records, 6,000+ individual criminal sources, 2,400+ counties, and 4,000+ courts.

Employment and Education Verification

Our verification and credentialing services are managed by our in-house verifications team.

International Screening

S2Verify operates in all 192 countries.

Drug Screening

All of the laboratories we use are SAMHSA certified. If you require an instant test, we only use FDA-approved devices.


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