We Understand Background Checks In the Finance Industry

Know your employees.

Risk in the financial industry is dynamic, layered, and systemic, which means background checks can get complicated, fast.

Challenge: One wrong hire can introduce a ripple effect of risk that permeates the organization, jeopardizing customer accounts and portfolios, sensitive internal information and operations, workplace safety and security, and ultimately the bottom line.

Experience: We are experts at hiring in the financial services environment. Leverage our extensive experience with financial services firms – from retail and commercial banks to money managers, lenders, and insurance companies.

Outcomes: You gain a trusted, knowledgeable partner who brings a thorough understanding of industry regulations ranging from Know Your Customer (KYC) rules and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) guidelines. We deliver a detailed, comprehensive picture of candidates that helps you reduce employee-related internal risk and fraud.

Finance Industry Background Checks

Finance Industry Background Checks

Our approach to background checks for finance clients

As a regulated entity ourselves, we are focused intensively not just on providing background checks to the finance industry that are fast, accurate, compliant, and affordable, but also that our financial health, controls, and audit procedures reflect sound financial management practices, including regular financial reporting and analysis, budgeting, and cash flow management.

We are accredited by the PBSA for our commitment to “advance excellence in the screening profession” through our approach to information security, legal and compliance, client education, researcher and data standards, verification services, and business practices.

Make your job easier with our services

We provide adjudicators and accuracy. We automate the simple, and we’re hands-on with the complex.

Criminal Background Check

Our National Criminal Database covers 98% of the United States population, with 750+ million records, 6,000+ individual criminal sources, 2,400+ counties, and 4,000+ courts.

Employment and Education Verification

Our verification and credentialing services are managed by our in-house verifications team.

International Screening

S2Verify operates in all 192 countries.

Drug Screening

All of the laboratories we use are SAMHSA certified. If you require an instant test, we only use FDA-approved devices.


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