We Understand Background Screening In Healthcare

Ensure a safe, secure healthcare environment.

Few industries are as complex as healthcare, with payers and providers having different background screening needs and compliance requirements.

Challenges: As either a healthcare payer or a provider, your HR team goes to great lengths to provide a safe, compliant workplace and optimize patient outcomes—from medical treatment to insurance coverage, payments, and more. At the heart of treating patients with curative, preventative, rehabilitative, and palliative care is the quality of your healthcare staff, whether they’re doctors and healthcare practitioners, healthcare financial professionals, or clinical staff.

Experience: We understand the intricacies and immense responsibility of performing healthcare background screenings. We’ve won the trust of healthcare HR teams over the years through our years of healthcare experience and extensive experience in background screening prospective and existing employees.

Outcomes: Streamline your entire background screening process—including drug testing and international searches—under one program, with one qualified provider. You can count on improved accuracy with fewer people manually processing requests and results. There’s just less room for human error. And with us, you get exceptional customer service: we were named on the LiveHelpNow Challenge List for exceptional customer service based on their 12-point grading system and customer survey results.

Healthcare Background Screening Solutions

Healthcare Background Screening Solutions

Our approach to background screening services for healthcare clients

Our software uses comprehensive audit trail procedures, including digital certificates, user authentication, signature completion, and opt-outs. We also provide drug testing capabilities. All laboratories are SAMHSA-certified, and all results are cleared by a Medical Review Officer.

We are accredited by the PBSA for our commitment to excellence in information security, compliance, client education, researcher and data standards, verification, and business practices.

Make your job easier with our services

We provide adjudicators and accuracy while simplifying the simple and being hands-on with the complex.

Criminal Background Check

Our National Criminal Database covers 98% of the United States population, with 750+ million records, 6,000+ individual criminal sources, 2,400+ counties, and 4,000+ courts.

Employment and Education Verification

Our verification and credentialing services are managed by our in-house verifications team.

International Screening

S2Verify operates in all 192 countries.

Drug Screening

All of the laboratories we use are SAMHSA certified. If you require an instant test, we only use FDA-approved devices.


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