We understand your unique hiring requirements: Education

Create a safer campus.

Comprehensive background checks are critical to controlling risk levels and protecting everyone on campus.

Schools are hotbeds of activity with students, faculty members, administrators, support staff and contractors constantly coming and going.

At S2Verify, we use our deep understanding of this industry and long-term experience with school systems of all kinds and sizes across the country to help you provide a safe learning environment and protect everyone on campus from physical harm. Improve ease and buying power by consolidating all screening—including contractor screening and drug testing—under one provider.

Our approach to screening services

S2Verify can assist in creating a better applicant experience with a seamless hiring process fueled by a custom-branded web portal. We provide built-in administrative tools to quickly automate quality assurance, report management, compliance, & integrations.

S2Verify is accredited by the PBSA for our commitment to excellence in information security, compliance, client education, researcher & data standards, verification services, and our business practices.

Make your job easier with our services

We provide adjudicators & accuracy; S2Verify automates the simple, and we’re hands-on with the complex.

Criminal Background Check

We access over 4,100 government sources for reliable results using our hybrid process.

Employment and Education Verification

Our verification and credentialing services are managed by our in-house verifications team.

International Screening

S2Verify operates in all 192 countries.

Drug Screening

All of the laboratories we use are SAMHSA-certified. If you require an instant test, we only use FDA-approved devices.


Create a better applicant experience with a smart, seamless hiring process fueled by a custom branded
web portal.

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