Providing Top-notch Customer Service (So You Can Too)

Employment screening services, technology, and tools can help you reach your hiring goals faster––but only if they’re backed by the right people. 

These days, candidates are customers. 

Think about it: employers regularly spend money to advertise job openings and reach a target audience. Now, more than ever, employers are dedicating resources to professionalize their hiring process––catering to the tastes and demands of the modern worker. 

Hiring managers and other HR professionals are thinking about brand, culture, and engagement earlier than ever before––realizing that the candidate experience can have an overall impact on employee retention. 

In a labor market that still leans in favor of employeesthe candidate (aka the customer) is always right. 

Customer Service is King   

In this day and age––your hiring “team” probably includes more than recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals. 

It likely includes a stack of technology, services, and solutions for pre-employment to help your hiring managers and HR professionals save time on the little things. That way, they can focus on what matters: creating a quality hiring experience that treats candidates like customers. 

But, you’re only as good as your team. That’s why we named quality customer service as the #1 thing to look for in a pre-employment screening solution in Monday’s edition of America Back to Work

After all, you can’t provide a top-notch candidate (see: customer) experience when the tools that are supposed to make you better, slow you down. You can’t provide a professional candidate experience if you aren’t powered by professional solutions. 

You can’t provide the kind of quality customer service needed to get a candidate through the door today if your tools aren’t backed by quality customer service as well. 

What Does Quality Customer Service in a Hiring Solution Look Like? 

To answer this question, let’s look at our very own award-winning customer service team and philosophies. 

Since 2016, LiveHelpNowan industry leader in support and call centers—has named S2Verify to their list of superior customer service providers in employment screening. Their data-driven rankings are based on metrics provided daily to client dashboards. 

Graded against a 12-point system informed by 50 different criteria, “challenge winners are truly the best customer service providers in their field,” said LiveHelpNow in their release of the results

According to the grading system, these are the things you should look out for when evaluating whether an employment screening solution can provide the customer support you need:

Responsive Support 

Get help when you need it. Look for quick response times via chat, phone, and email. Be sure they have multiple agents available at convenient hours—and that they provide easy ways for you to get in touch. 

High-Value Support 

Don’t spend tons of time on the phone getting nowhere. Look for support that packs a punch—with features like trained agents, scripted support that raises service standards, clear help articles, and more. 

Start your evaluation by looking into reviews and testimonials—usually found on the organization’s website or customer review platform (such as G2 or TrustPilot)—to see how they stack up against these considerations. 

Support at S2Verify is not outsourced like most. Our customer support team is headquartered in the U.S. and our agents are trained in-house to ensure our customers get responsive, high-quality service when they need it. We offer comprehensive support articles and resources for self-service help in a pinch. 

We care about your business and your hiring goals. We care about the company you keep. We provide quality customer support so that you can too. 

Service Is the Product

In 2014, we were accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), recognizing our excellence in employment verification standards, client education, information security, and more—and acknowledging our employment screening product as an industry leader.

We would argue, however, that our customer service is our product. 

We know that the “excellence” that PBSA called out—that quality in verification standards, client education, and information security––is only possible with quality people to back it up. 


Tune in Friday to find out how to set your team up for success heading into the holidays—the America Back to Work series continues on the blog. 

We’re sharing our top tips for keeping candidates engaged and keeping hiring operations moving during the busy holiday season. Hint: making sure you have quality customer support when you need it is top of the list.

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