From the Experts: Tips for Protecting Your Business From Bad Hires

Did you know that making a bad hire can cost you 30% of that person’s salary? Did you know that turnover is the biggest financial threat to your organization in today’s current labor market? 

That’s what we learned last week on America Back to Work—a series that explores current labor trends and hiring in America. 

Through weekly articles and interviews with industry experts across recruiting, hiring, and HR, we’re dreaming up a future where companies are thriving, employees enjoy their jobs, and America is back to work. 

The State of Recruiting in a Post-Pandemic, Pre-Recession World

Last week, our co-founder and chief strategy officer (and former U.S. Secret Service agent), Arnette Heintze, sat down with the co-founders of Beacon Talent, Juney Ham and Dave Berk, for episode one of America Back to Work: Expert Interview Series.  

In a fascinating conversation that touched on everything from bad hires to “upskilling” to Berk’s predictions for the impending recession, the Beacon Talent founders shared their tips for designing a candidate process that prevents turnover and promotes long-term retention in a post-pandemic, pre-recession world.  

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Get Wise About Resume Lies

Earlier in the series, we covered the prevalence of lying on resumes, how to spot those lies, and tips for protecting your business from application deceit. 

In the next America Back to Work expert interview (publishing tomorrow!), retired CIA intelligence officer, Carmen Amato, takes us deeper into the modern mechanics of lying and how employers can adapt to make consistent high-quality hires. 

During her career in the CIA, Amato held positions of increasing responsibility in the areas of intelligence collection program management, strategic communications, and international partnerships. Recognized for multiple innovations leading to enhanced US intelligence capabilities, she is a recipient of both the National Intelligence Award and the Career Intelligence Medal. 

Amato is interested in behavioral interview techniques and, as such, shares her top tips for spotting the behaviors and micromovements that signal a candidate is lying during an interview. 

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