America Back to Work: Dave Berk and Juney Ham, Beacon Talent

Elevating Your Game in Pursuit of Talent

Welcome back to America Back to Work, the podcast that dives deep into the world of recruiting, HR, and hiring trends.

In today’s episode, we are joined by the co-founders of Beacon Talent, Juney Ham and Dave Berk. They share their insights on what happens to an organization when they have bad hires, the competitive labor market, and strategies for gaining an advantage in recruiting top talent.

From the great resignation to adapting to demands for professional development, they discuss various challenges and opportunities in the current economy.

Tune in as we dive into the world of talent acquisition and workforce trends with our special guests.

Key Topics

The Effect of Bad Hires on Companies

  • Discussion of the cost of bad hires and turnover on company operations and finances
  • Insight into the time, costs, and opportunity loss associated with bad hires
  • Emphasis on the impact of toxic employees on company culture and performance

Competitive Labor Market

  • Examination of the impact of low unemployment rates on the search for talent
  • Insight into the potential effects of an impending recession on the hiring landscape
  • Discussion of the interconnectedness of economic indicators, job availability, and the effect on hiring activities

Labor Force Participation Rates

  • Analysis of the current labor force participation rate and its implications on talent acquisition
  • Discussion of workforce sentiment, societal changes, and the nature of work in relation to labor force participation
  • Emphasis on the importance of aligning the company’s offering with employee motivations and values

Company Culture and Onboarding

  • Exploration of strategies to ensure new team members are a good fit with a company’s culture
  • Emphasis on authenticity in onboarding and integration processes
  • Consideration of the importance of aligning the company’s mission and culture with onboarding practices

 Strategies for Recruiting Top Talent

  • Exploration of strategies for gaining an advantage in recruiting top talent
  • Emphasis on the importance of a multi-channel approach and understanding employee incentives
  • Consideration of the role of culture, engagement, and messaging in attracting top talent

Professional Development and Reskilling

  • Consideration of the demand for continuous learning and professional development among the workforce
  • Exploration of the challenges and opportunities associated with upskilling and retraining in response to evolving job markets
  • Emphasis on aligning upskilling efforts with business constraints and employee values

Pre-Employment Background Screening

  • Analysis of the trend of broader adoption of pre-employment background screening
  • Insight into the increased value placed on background screening by organizations
  • Consideration of the broader application of background checks as a critical aspect of talent acquisition

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After retiring from the Secret Service, Arnette focused on building the growth and performance of innovative start-ups and SMBs. In 2004, he established Hillard Heintze, a globally recognized strategic security risk management and investigations firm. In 2009, along with Bill Whitford and Jim Zimbardi, Arnette established S2 Verify with an approach and methodology that delivers fast, accurate, compliant, and affordable background screening insights crucial to better managing insider risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. 

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