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Automated Hiring Tools and Solutions


From applicant entry, where candidates enter their personal data via a secure web portal, to automated criminal record extraction, which retrieves courthouse data instantly, we have simplified the entire screening process. Our technology has reduced turnaround time as much as 50 percent, making it the fastest in the industry! Over 90 percent of our records are automated without human intervention. Our highly trained adjudication professionals go the extra mile to ensure data accuracy.




I-9 and E-Verify


One aspect of the on-boarding process is verifying a new employee's elibility for employment. To make this step of this process easier for our clients, we provide an electronic I-9 form. The electronic I-9 form allows easy completion, storage, and auditing of your employees' employment eligibility. We offer E-Verify to compare an employee's Form I-9 to data from U.S. government records.


Customized Web Portals


Create a better applicant experience with a smart, seamless hiring process fueled by a custom-branded web portal that promotes your logo and brand throughout, and allows candidates to easily find, connect, and interact with you online.



Create Custom Job Boards


Easily build custom job boards individually, by location, or nationally. Each location can create a specific job and post it to the job board. Applicants that apply will be directed to specific recruiters or to a group of recruiters.



Electronic Consent and Applications


Create a company-specific electronic consent and application forms that can be posted to a job board or you can create a custom HTML link and send it via email. Consent forms and applications have the ability to change languages for international applicants.



Multiple languages


Change any form, application, and consent to any language. With our technology, only the text changes to the required language, not the input. Also, if you cannot understand the language, the system allows you to switch back to the language of your choice. For example, this unique solution can help bridge the gap between applicants who only understand one language, such as Spanish or Mandarin Chinese, and Human Resource Managers who understand a different language, such as English.



EEOC Capture and Reporting


For companies required to capture and report EEOC information, our system allows for the confidential completion of the EEOC questions without giving recruiters access to that information. You simply run an EEOC report as needed.



Intuitive Decision Software


Apply your unique hiring criteria to your results with our automated decision software which returns easy-to-read reports labeled as "eligible, ineligible, or decisional," based on your terms.



Candidate Screening Portal


Imagine your company just got a big contract, but it requires that you screen all of your employees. Our system enables you to send a mass email to all of your employees with their information off of a CSV file. Once they update or agree to the information, their background screen is automatically generated.



Automated Email Notification


Both you and your applicants can get automated email notifications that provide updates on the entire employment screening process. Because it is configurable, you can receive emails when each element completes and/or when the report is completed.