Vitamix Transforms Hiring Process with Enhanced Efficiency and Faster Turnaround

Vitamix, a leader in high-performance blending technology, has been a staple in global kitchens since 1921. Known for its commitment to enhancing people’s health and well-being, the company is headquartered in Olmsted Township, Ohio, and employs approximately 900 employees. 

The brand’s longstanding reputation for quality is matched by its innovative approach to product development and optimizing its operational efficiencies—particularly in its hiring practices.

The Pre-S2Verify Era: Challenges in Background Screening

Before working with S2Verify, Vitamix faced significant hurdles in its employment screening processes that impacted its overall hiring efficiency:

  • Slow Turnaround Times: Their previous background screening provider’s turnaround times exceeded two weeks, causing significant delays in the hiring process. This slow pace often resulted in losing potential top talent to competitors.
  • Manual and Cumbersome Processes: The reliance on manual data entry for forms and searches led to delays and a cumbersome candidate experience, potentially turning off job seekers.
  • Inadequate Support for Complex Screenings: The previous provider did not sufficiently support the need for various screening types, including intricate drug tests, complicating the completion of necessary pre-employment checks.

These challenges necessitated a robust solution to streamline the background screening process without compromising thoroughness or candidate experience.

Switching to S2Verify: A Strategic Move

Vitamix partnered with S2Verify, a move that brought about significant improvements:

  • Faster Turnaround Times: S2Verify offered a 12- 24 hour turnaround for most background checks, starkly contrasting the industry standard of 48 hours to five business days. This efficiency has been crucial in keeping candidates engaged and has significantly reduced hiring time.
  • Integration and Automation: By integrating seamlessly with the Applicant Tracking System that Vitamix uses, S2Verify automated many manual screening tasks. This not only sped up the process but also reduced human error, enhancing both accuracy and efficiency.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: S2Verify’s commitment to excellent customer service meant that Vitamix could handle complex screenings more effectively, with timely solutions for any challenges during the screening process.

More Efficient Hiring Process 

The switch to S2Verify marked a substantial improvement in how Vitamix managed its hiring process:

  • Improved Candidate Experience: The quicker processes and reduced need for manual data entry made the applicant experience smoother and more positive.
  • Maintained Hiring Quality: Despite the faster processes, the quality and thoroughness of the background checks were not compromised.
  • Seamless Transition: Transitioning to S2Verify was straightforward, causing minimal disruption to Vitamix’s ongoing recruitment activities.

A Model of Efficient Hiring

Vitamix’s experience with S2Verify is a compelling case study for other companies facing similar challenges in their hiring process. Vitamix has enhanced its operational efficiency and maintained its reputation as a top employer in today’s competitive job market by choosing a background screening partner that aligns with technological advancements and customer service excellence.

This journey underscores the importance of adaptability and efficiency in modern HR practices, particularly how quick and responsive background screening can significantly uplift the hiring process. This partnership exemplifies how strategic decisions in operational enhancements can substantially improve employee satisfaction and organizational productivity.


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