From the Experts: Mentorship In HR 

In this week’s episode of America Back to Work, S2Verify co-founder and chief strategy officer, Arnette Heintze, sits down with Priscilla Guasso, founder of Latinas Rising Up in HR, a community of purpose-driven women elevating each other in the human resources discipline to discuss the state of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. 

Guasso is the Amazon best-selling author of a two-volume series of books of the same name, showcasing stories of Latinas making their mark on the HR profession. She is also a practicing HR leader with deep experience in all functions across talent management, development, diversity, and management. 

She came up with Latinas Rising Up in HR when, after growing in her HR career for 13 years and moving up the HR ladder. she realized that no one looked like her or could relate to her story in those senior-level positions. At the time, there was limited representation of and opportunity for Latinas beyond entry-level positions in the HR career path. 

“That’s when I realized I could use my voice for good and bring others along with me,” Guasso told Heintze. 

Guasso also explained that mentorship has been the key to reaching her goals within her career path. 

“The power of a mentor is that it opens the door of possibility that you might not have considered on your own,” said Guasso. Mentors model potential career paths for young employees—opening their eyes to their own potential and offering wisdom along the way. 

As such, mentorship in HR is also the foundation for Latinas Rising Up in HR. In addition to scholarships, networking, and training opportunities, they provide young members with access to senior-level mentors and sponsors who can guide them through career challenges and help them navigate new opportunities. 

“Our community has become a place where [Latina] women can take on new opportunities and grow their careers. Their resiliency on top of their success is something to behold.”

To hear more of Gausso’s expert insights into DEI in the workplace and navigating an HR career as a diverse person, click here to listen to the episode wherever you get your podcasts. 

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