The Tools That Are Making Hiring More Fair (and More Effective)

ICYMI: it’s time to add more structure to your interview process. In fact, —B across the board. S2Verify is part of that trend. 

Last week, on America Back to Work, we shared the #1 thing to avoid during the hiring process in the current employee-friendly labor market: conducting unstructured interviews. 

On Friday, we gave you tips for adding more structure to your interview process–so you can avoid making a bad hire and get better at spotting resume lies. 

This trend towards structure and standardization is happening all across the hiring process, to keep up with the changing demands of the modern workforce

Today, candidates are looking for a hiring experience that’s fast, easy, and fair. As a result, employers are finding ways to bring more transparency to their hiring process, more professionalism, and more objectivity. 

Today, employers are focused on retention: conducting more rigorous screening up front to ensure a candidate is a long-term fit

To create a hiring process that’s fast, easy, and fair–that’s rigorous and objective from the start–recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals are turning to pre-employment technology, like S2Verify. 

A Pre-Employment Screening Solution For Every Step

As the trend towards structure and standardization in hiring picks up speed, the universe that is pre-employment and employee screening solutions continues to grow. 

Now, there are solutions designed for every single stage of pre-employment–like pre-employment assessments (think: an interview before the interview), such as Criteria

Through scientifically designed assessments, video interviewing, and talent management tools, Criteria help organizations sort through the candidate pool and fast-track quality candidates–while removing human bias from the initial screening process. 

Similarly, industry-leading recruiting platforms such as Lever and Greenhouse are building tools–like data reporting on internal interview bias–to join in on and push this trend of structure and standardization forward. They’re helping employers identify areas in their hiring process where they can intervene, remove subjectivity, and get better at making the right hire. 

At S2Verify, we help employers protect their businesses and make the right hire, more consistently with our industry-leading pre-employment background screening services

Though we step in after recruiting and pre-assessment, S2Verify offers one of the most comprehensive suite of pre-employment tools and services with solutions for criminal background checks, education verifications, onboarding, and beyond. Backed by our award-winning customer service team, S2Verify brings a new level of accuracy and objectivity to the employment screening process. 

Check back on the blog later this week to learn more about the pre-employment technology ecosystem–and how onboarding is now part of that “pre-employment” ecosystem–as America Back to Work continues. 

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