What Is the S2Verify Background Service?

In this current post-pandemic, pre-recession world, hiring of any kind is risky. Hybrid work has made it more difficult to screen candidates effectively, and extremely-high rates of turnover—that remain comfortably above pre-pandemic levels—have increased overall HR risk

That’s why companies across the country are bolstering their defenses by intensifying their pre-employment screening processes. Employers are turning to best-in-class background screening services, like S2Verify, to confidently hire and protect their brand, people, and assets through comprehensive screening.

But what exactly does a quality background service do? To answer that question, let’s take a look at the S2Verify background service. 

Background Service Spotlight: S2Verify 

S2Verify background service is designed to protect an organization’s operational, financial, and reputational well-being. Through comprehensive candidate screening, we help companies manage risk, maintain workplace safety, and improve other important company metrics like retention, engagement, and productivity.  We provide fully compliant, affordable background checks that dramatically reduce time and effort spent during the hiring process.

S2Verify includes the following services, tools, and data to do just that: 

  • Social security number trace to confirm past address history. 
  • National criminal file search to parse through criminal data from local, state, and federal repositories, including the Sex Offender Registry and government watch lists.  
  • Sex offender criminal search to get more detailed information from public and tribal registries not included in the national criminal file search. 
  • County criminal/other public records search to get county-level access to information regarding felony and misdemeanor convictions, arrests, and/or pending cases. 
  • Statewide criminal/public records search to get state-level access to conviction records. 
  • Federal criminal/public records search to get access to federal-level crimes, including kidnapping, drug trafficking, bank robbery, embezzlement, counterfeiting, and other “white collar” crimes. Crimes involving the crossing of state borders should also be included. 
  • Driving records and motor vehicle records search for applicants that will operate a motor vehicle, including a company car or forklift. 
  • Education verification to validate a candidate’s degree or GED earned from an accredited institution. 
  • Credit report to gain insight into a potential hire’s financial distress that might indicate risk of theft or fraud. 
  • Drug screening services make it easy for candidates to schedule and complete a drug test at an official collection site. 
  • International screening services and consultations to help you hire top talent from across the world and navigate variable international hiring/employment laws.

Backing Up A Quality Product with Quality People

In addition to a comprehensive suite of services, tools, and data, S2Verify also boasts an award-winning customer support team to ensure that our product never slows our clients down. 

Since 2016, LiveHelpNow, an industry leader in support and call centers, named S2Verify to their list of superior customer service providers in employment screening. Their rankings are based on data provided daily to client dashboards. Graded against a 12-point system informed by 50 different criteria, “challenge winners are truly the best customer service providers in their field,” said LiveHelpNow in their release of the results

Support at S2Verify is not outsourced like most. Our customer support team is headquartered in the U.S. Our agents are trained in-house to ensure our customers get responsive, high-quality service when needed. Plus, we offer comprehensive support articles and resources for self-service help in a pinch. 

To learn more about our background screening services and how S2Verify can support your hiring goals, click here

To learn more about the company, the leadership team, and our award-winning customer support team, click here.

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