Jim Zimbardi | Leadership at S2Verify

Jim Zimbardi

President & Chief Compliance Officer

For years, Jim Zimbardi has been acknowledged as a powerhouse in the employee and contractor screening industry with extensive knowledge on the practical use of complex, data-driven solutions in the private sector as well as across the federal, state and local law enforcement and intelligence communities.

Zimbardi brings to S2Verify three decades of intensive, hands-on experience in information technology, public records access, data management and analytics, and data security and compliance. Consistently at the forefront of innovative, thought-provoking issues shaping the industry, he specializes in helping organizations obtain the information they need to make smarter decisions by setting new standards for more secure – access to public records while maintaining full compliance with regulatory agencies.

Before joining the S2Verify leadership team, Zimbardi held senior-level positions in two of the industry’s largest data and information services companies: ChoicePoint and Equifax. In 2002, he was instrumental in orchestrating one of the largest background screening projects ever undertaken, the post-9/11 ramp up of the Transportation Security Administration’s 120,000+ screeners and other employees.

In 1996, he was a key member of the management team that engineered the spin-off of Equifax Insurance Services, resulting in the formation of Alpharetta-based ChoicePoint. ChoicePoint grew from a $400 million company to one with over $1 billion in revenue prior to its 2008 acquisition by LexisNexis.

As a senior executive at ChoicePoint, Zimbardi led several high-profile initiatives including the development and implementation of industry leading privacy and compliance standards pertaining to the use and access of public records and personal data. He also participated as a key leader in Choicepoint’s aggressive acquisition and integration of 60+ companies and testified before Congress on the strategic advantages of best-in-class employee and contractor background screening programs.