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The S2 Advantage

For most background screening companies, that's a tall order. In fact, the vast majority do not meet this standard. 







We consistently strive to find creative ways of solving client challenges. Whether using language translation on the consent form and job board for clients that hire a large portion of Hispanics, to integrating our services with most of the large applicant tracking systems, we can find a solution to fit your needs


S2Verify uses Automated Screening Intelligence (ASI) to automate and accelerate many tasks within the hiring process. This technology is configurable and customizable to fit your process, not ours.


Although we have automated many of the processes needed to efficiently identify and hire quality applicants, we still answer the phone with a live person. We will never automate human interaction with our clients when they need us most.

S2Verify's leadership team has on average more than 25 years of experience in employment screening. Clients are amazed at our knowledge and expertise around local, state and federal laws and interaction with the courts. In fact, many clients rely on our team to help ensure they are following these laws.


Our technology has enabled S2Verify to turn around over 90 percent of searches without human intervention. Our average turnaround time on county and statewide criminal searches is less than 24 hours. In fact, over 75 percent of our searches are reported within eight hours from our clients submitting the order.

How S2Verify Is Raising the Bar 

S2Verify's HITS


At S2Verify, we are honest about our capabilities and what you can expect.


At S2Verify, service means always exceeding your expectations. In rare cases where issues arise, we believe it is how we react that truly differentiates our service--and helps us build lifelong client relationships.


At S2Verify, we do what we tell you we will do. No exceptions.


At S2Verify, integrity is about making the right decision every time, regardless of the ramifications. In a world filled with gray areas, we abide by the principles of right and wrong, and strive to make the right decision every time.





Leverage advanced technologies including the latest quality innovations in hiring and screening which are often proprietary.

employees in different roles, from HR to security.

Improve the customer experience by providing accurate information that is easy to read, understand and use by authorized  

Deliver fast results and real-time updates to strengthen hiring efficiency and risk decisions.

databases which are often inconsistently formatted and harder to aggregate and report.

Capture, integrate, and standardize data from a comprehensive range of sources including personnel data from HR-related

Today the best background screening services in the U.S. and the world should be expected to meet four benchmarks that--if fully addressed and delivered as an integrated package--define a new, rapidly evolving, and rarely-achieved standard of product and service excellence in the human resource (HR) screening industry.


To meet these strategic benchmarks, a top-tier background screening solution must: