Michigan ID Redaction from Court Records

Michigan Records: Search updates due to ADM File No. 2020-26

A misguided rule from the Michigan courts will redact dates of birth in public records, hurting employers, landlords and background screening companies like ourselves. Michigan courts @MISupremeCt must immediately rescind this rule!

Dates of birth in public records are essential as we help employers ensure a safe working environment. Their redaction by the Michigan courts @MISupremeCt will not only put our business at risk, it will also have devastating consequences for employment in Michigan.

A harmful rule from the Michigan courts will devastate hiring in Michigan. The nearly 500,000 Michiganders currently looking for work will now face another barrier to getting a job. This rule must be stopped.

A new rule from the Michigan courts @MISupremeCt will redact dates of birth from public records beginning on July 1st. This action will be devastating for businesses like ours and the many employers we work with to ensure workplace and community safety.

The Michigan courts will begin redacting dates of birth from public records beginning July 1. The result? Hiring will be halted in Michigan, leaving countless residents unable to secure employment.

Unless we can persuade them otherwise, effective July 1st, Michigan will implement new court rules:

The updates are to Rule 1.109, paragraph 10, subparagraph (a), which states:

"…The clerk of the court is required to redact protected personal identifying information before providing direct access to the document via the internet, such as through the court’s website."

And to Rule 8.119, paragraph (H):

"…If a public document prepared or issued by the court contains protected personal identifying information, the information must be redacted before it can be provided to the public, whether the document is provided via a paper or electronic copy, direct access via a publicly accessible computer at the courthouse, or direct access via the internet, such as on the court’s website…"

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