Background Screening Compliance: Don’t Set It and Forget It

Tracy Wood, Compliance Manager

S2Verify would like to take a moment to remind our clients and all employers that the background screening industry is consistently changing. Updates and new case law require increased awareness by employers.

Employers that utilize background check reports are called “end-users” in our industry. While S2Verify cannot provide legal advice, we highly encourage all end-users work closely to own legal counsel.

Additionally, the process of compliance is not a set it and forget it occurrence. At a minimum, end-users should conduct an annual check-up. End-users must ensure that their overall screening program complies with all applicable state and federal laws. Regardless of the size of your organization, compliance reviews regarding background screening process, documents, and procedures is essential!

S2Verify does not provide legal advice, and this post is only intended for educational purposes.

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