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Drug Screening








Totally Automated Solution for Drug Screening


Once you place an order, the system sends the applicant an email to schedule their drug test at one of more than 10,000 locations through the U.S. The applicant can then choose the location that is most convenient for them, either near their house or place of work. Once the applicant schedules the drug test, they print out an electronic donor pass and simply show up at the clinic. The applicant’s information is pre-populated in the collection site system to further expedite the collection process. Once the result is completed, it is reported back to you within you system.



Electronic Ordering


To streamline your ordering process, S2Verify can simply add the drug test ordering capability to your employment screening package. Based on your criteria, we will set the time-frame allowed for the applicant to present themselves to the collection facility.



Electronic Scheduling


For added convenience, the system will automatically notify your applicant via email with an embedded link to schedule a drug test. When the applicant clicks on the link, their current address is used to populate a list of collection sites within 10 miles. The applicant can change the address to a location that is more convenient at the time. For instance, they might prefer to a location close to their place of work, or if they are on vacation in another state, they can choose a nearby location.


Applicants chose the collection facility and print the "Donor Pass" to take with them to the clinic. The clinic already has all the information about the donor and test to perform from our system.



Automated Reporting


Once the test is completed, the result is posted in our system and you are notified via an email.



Collection Sites


Access more than 10,000 collections sites that are electronically enabled throughout the U.S. We work with Labcorp, Quest, Medtox and a variety of other collection sites to ensure you get premium coverage and convenience.





All of the laboratories we use are SAMHSA certified. If you require an instant test, we only use FDA-approved devices. We offer a variety of drug tests from a 5-panel to an expanded panel test, along with all mediums of testing including urine, hair and or blood if needed.



Medical Review Officer


To ensure the integrity of the specimen and applicants are kept in the highest regard, we send all results through a certified Medical Review Officer.



Other Related Medical Services


Based on your business-specific needs, S2Verify can also coordinate other related services, like physical exams, blood lead testing or occupational testing.