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We Understand the Critical Nature of Getting Your Employees through Screening and On the Jobsite!

As the economy continues to recover, the use of contracted workforces can lead to the recovery and drive your business growth. However, the use of third-party vendors and contractors can also increase your exposure to financial, safety and reputation risks. Comprehensive vendor and contractor background screening has a measurable return on investment including a reduction in workplace violence, theft and contractor fraud. In addition, many organizations have utilized contractor screening to help standardize compliance associated with the Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) and other regulatory considerations, and to improve the overall quality of their contractors and vendors.


S2Verify Vendor Screening helps you make better vendor decisions by offering you a one-stop solution for the comprehensive screening and monitoring of businesses and individuals who work or contract for business that serve your company. With S2Verify Vendor Screening, you can:




Other Industries:

Screening Options:

Validate the business and its principals

Manage the background screening and drug testing process for vendors' employees

House key compliance documents

Customize work flow to assist managing compliance and expiration

Ensured compliance and training

Avoiding litigation

A streamlined audit process

A preserved corporate image and reputation

The result of screening your key contractors is: 

How it Works

Experience Matters

S2Verify Vendor Screening is a customized, Web-based management tool that provides you 24/7 access to a series of comprehensive screens to verify the profile of a business and its employees against a pre-defined rules engine to determine compliance. Vendors are self-enrolled via an easy-to-navigate implementation wizard. Key demographics on employees and the business are entered for verification and an automated workflow provides you an easy-to-read compliance dashboard to ensure compliance. Flexible billing gives you the option to absorb the screening costs or require contractors to pay for the cost of screening prior to being engaged.

The S2Verify management team has been developing customized vendor compliance solutions for regulated and non-regulated industries for the past eight years. We have worked with some of the largest companies in the world across virtually all industries and market sectors, including petrochemical, pharmaceutical, transportation, finance and many more.


S2Verify utilizes the significant expertise and experience of its management team along with its business partners, to deliver high-quality vendor and contractor screening solutions. To meet your specific vendor compliance requirements, we conduct in-depth information gathering before developing customized business rules and information delivery processes. Ultimately, the S2Verify Vendor Credentialing platform becomes a secure “information exchange” that enables you to efficiently and effectively credential your contracted global workforce.


Join the thousands of contractors that have switched to S2Verify to expedite their processes, get their employees screened and on the job much sooner than with other background screening providers. At S2Verify, we understand that it is not an 8-5 job, but a 24/7 solution that you need to expedite the screening process.

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