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Meeting Your Clients' Employment Needs Is All About Finding the Right Match

Businesses look to your agency to provide them with the best candidates. In order to find the best match for your clients, it is an absolute necessity for job candidates to pass a rigorous, comprehensive background check.


S2Verify provides accurate, timely results that you can count on. Your clients rely on you to not only provide highly qualified job candidates, but expedite the hiring process. It is our job to take care of a large part of the screening process. By eliminating risky hires, you can help your clients promote and maintain a safe work environment.


How our employment screening tools can help:


Spot the best job candidates, and avoid high-risk employees.

Discourage high-risk applicants by establishing a reputation for thorough background screening.

Provide a safe environment for your clients, their employees, and the people they serve.

Reduce employee-related risk and legal liability.

Protect the reputation of your agency

Create scalable, risk-tolerant screening packages based on the level of access an employee has to vulnerable people and information.



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