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S2Verify offers a variety of screening options for

Good volunteers are vital to the success of your nonprofit organization. But, bad volunteers can jeopardize that success and pose a high threat when given access to vulnerable people—such as children and the elderly—or sensitive information. These days, background screening is a requirement for nonprofits, just as it is for business.


S2Verify is one of the most trusted sources in the nation for screening volunteers within youth sports and religious organizations. From a full applicant and volunteer tracking, to employment screening and volunteer screening, to Form I-9 employment eligibility verification, our system can be customized to fit the needs of your budget


Our volunteer screening tools can help you:


Save money with deep price discounts.

Spot the best volunteers, and avoid high-risk volunteers.

Discourages high-risk applicants by establishing a reputation for thorough background screening.

Provide a safe environment for your employees, volunteers and the people you serve.

Reduce volunteer-related risk and legal liability.

Protect the reputation of your non profit.

Create scalable, risk-tolerant screening packages based on the level of access a volunteer has to vulnerable people and information.

Also, through our partnership with Hilliard Heintze, LLC we are capable of providing guidance on a full range of predatory practices and safety.


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